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Attendance Matters




For children to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and it is the duty of our school and parents/carers to make sure that each child is at school, on time, on every day that the school is open - unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.
At Crowlands Primary School we are aiming to achieve an attendance target in the range of 96 – 100% to meet National standards.
Helping to create a pattern of regular attendance is everybody’s responsibility – parents, pupils and all members of school staff.

At Crowlands we expect its pupils to:

  • To attend regularly and on time.
  • To be prepared adequately for the school day.
  • To comply with the school policies and procedures.

At Crowlands we expect our parents/carers to:

  • To encourage their children to attend school every day, on time.
  • To contact the school on the first day of absence.
  • To arrange holidays and medical appointments outside school hours.
  • To regularly update emergency contact details.

At Crowlands there are several strategies in place to encourage children to attend school every day:

  • Weekly class attendance is celebrated in a school assembly for both Reception/Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children and a trophy is given to the winning class.
  • Displays celebrate class attendance through the school.
  • Attendance winners are shared on the school website and sent to parents/carers in the weekly newsletters.
  • Within a year group classes compete against each other to earn a letter for every day that the class attendance is 100% to complete the slogan ‘Everyday Counts!’
    The class who completes this first receives a reward.
  • The 100 Club -  100 club raffle - every child who is here every day for a week gets put in a raffle which is drawn in every Monday assembly with a small prize given
  • This is combined with In To Win an initiative where all children with monthly 100% attendance have a photo taken and this is then randomly generated and the winning photo wins a prize - this will be done in phases
  • 100% termly attendance certificates along with a treat for those children who achieve this
  • If a child is late, they cannot be included in the 100 club to promote punctuality
  • We understand the integral part that parents/carers play in ensuring that attendance remains high we extend our rewards to families to recognise this. Every half term/term, we will select families to win one of the following prizes:

Family Prizes

  • A £15 shopping voucher for the most improved attendance over the term (randomly selected from the most improved students during the term)
  • A £20 shopping voucher for 97% or above attendance in the academic year to date (one family randomly selected from all 97%+ students termly)
  • A £30 shopping voucher for 100% attendance in the academic year to date (one family randomly selected from all 100% attendance club students termly)

The above categories mean that any child and their family have a chance to win every half term!

We hope all our families will get involved and we hope to see everyone every day.



All pupils whose attendance falls below 90% will be considered for legal monitoring by the Local Authority and a meeting will be held with the Assistant Headteacher of your child’s key stage.

Those pupils who have fallen below 95% are in the Amber Zone. They are automatically monitored by the school.

All pupils whose attendance is 95% or above are part of the green zone. Pupils in this zone are more likely to achieve.