Welcome to our Reception

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Our Staff

We have a great team of experienced staff in Reception. 

Currently, these are:
Teachers: Mrs Chaplin, Mrs Perchard and Miss Toulson
Support Staff: Mrs Millard, Mrs Jones, Miss Morley

Welcome Pack

  • Letter of Introduction
  • Starting School – dates & times To be confirmed
  • Cool Milk registration form
  • Home/School Agreement
  • General Information e.g.
    • registration forms, permission forms etc.
  • Free School Meals form



Starting School

  • All children will have opportunities to visit school before they start school full time.
  • This allows staff to get to know each child personally.
  • Staff will also be making Baseline Assessments. These will inform us of how the children learn and inform us ways to move them forward in their learning.

Entry Process

In order for staff to teach children about the daily routines and to get to know them a small group at a time, children will be phased into Reception during the first couple of weeks of September. This will be arranged as soon as school reopens.

  • One of the fundamental principles of the EYFS is about staff getting to know the ‘unique child’ so that their needs can be met.
  • Our Meet the Teacher session and phasing-in sessions during the early weeks of September reflect this and we ask for your support in helping us to get to know YOUR child. Please give us as much information as possible when we ask.
  • We will be setting up drop in sessions during the first few weeks in September to give you the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher.

The curriculum is currently organised into the 7 areas of learning listed below:

1.  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
2.  Communication and Language
3.  Physical Development
4.  Literacy
5.  Mathematics
6.  Understanding the World
7.  Expressive Arts and Design

A Typical Day in Reception


Settling in, self-register, child initiated activities.


Whole class carpet time


Adult Focus Activities/Child initiated activities inside and outside


Whole Class Carpet Time


Children have a packed lunch/school dinner, then have supervised play in the playground with MDAs.


Dough Gym and Funky Fingers


Whole class carpet activities


Adult Focus Activities/Child initiated activities inside and outside


Tidying Up
Whole class carpet time/Whole Reception time


Communication Between Home & School

  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Stay and Learn Sessions/Parent Workshops
  • Parentmail
  • Parent feedback forms/WOW forms
  • Termly Curriculum Plan
  • Website and Facebook
  • Reading record/Book bag
  • Absence - Phone Call on day and written note when return
  • One to One with the teacher/TA at the end of the day

Practical Details

Please ensure all uniform is labelled with child’s name, including P.E. kit.  No jewellery, including watches, fancy hair accessories and earrings are to be worn at all to school. Hair should be tied back and no nail polish is to be worn.

  • We request that all children have a waterproof coat, wellingtons and a suitable hat which can be kept in school at all times.
  • Please provide healthy (balanced) packed lunches in named lunch box or better still, encourage your child to have a healthy hot dinner.
  • No chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks!
  • We provide fresh fruit daily. Children should bring in their own bottle of WATER daily.
  • Names-please ensure we have the correct spelling of your child’s name today. Please speak to a member of staff if your child’s name is wrong on your pack. 


Last but not least!

How can I get my child ready for Reception?

Encourage them to be independent

We will be happy to help with any queries then or before – just ask.

On your child’s first day, go home and relax, while staff at Crowlands begin the exciting journey with your child!

50 things to try before you start school

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Meet the teacher

Class 1 - Mrs Perchard
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Class 2 - Miss Sallah
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Class 3 - Mrs Chaplin
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