Crowlands Primary School Governing Body


Mrs P Wilkinson
Curriculum & Pupil Related Matters Committee
Mrs H McClenaghan
Mr K King
Mr G Walker
Mr L James
Miss S Maclean
Miss L Merry
Mrs J Ward
Mr A Isaac
Mr J Gordon
Ms S Pearson
Mrs N Taylor

I am one of the most experienced Teacher Assistants at Crowlands Primary School. I have worked in Year 6 for many years, helping children with the transition to secondary school.

I have always had strong links with Crowlands Primary; I was vice chairperson of the P.T.A for 10 years, while my own children travelled through the school. I was first employed as an MDA but very soon started to study to become a TA. I have been witness to huge upheavals to the school and many changes to Crowlands Primary School, and has seen the school go from strength to strength under the leadership of Mrs McClenaghan.







Crowlands Primary School
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Executive Headteacher - Mrs H McClenaghan
Headteacher - Mrs S Clark