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Miss L Merry
Learning & Achievement Committee, Numeracy
Mrs H McClenaghan
Mr K King
Mr G Walker
Mr L James
Miss S Maclean
Mrs P Wilkinson
Mrs J Ward
Mr A Isaac
Mr J Gordon
Ms S Pearson
Mrs N Taylor

I have held the honoured position as Staff Governor at Newtons Primary school since the start of 2017 which is alongside my role as: Upper Key Stage Two Phase Leader, English Lead and most importantly, class teacher.  I am currently in my seventh year of teaching, the last two years of which I have spent at Newtons, and have enjoyed the pleasures and pressures of teaching Year 6 for the last five years.  

In 2009, I graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in English and American Literature.  As I had worked throughout college and university within the hotel industry and had progressed to management level, I was fortunate enough to have been offered a job as a Weddings and Events Coordinator in a private hotel in Thorpe Bay.   

Coming from a family of teachers, a year later I felt the inevitable call to teaching and went back to the University of East London to undertake a PGCE to qualify as a teacher.  I embarked upon my NQT Year in a quiet village school teaching Year 5. After a successful first year in teaching, I felt that I would benefit from the experience of working in a larger school and coincidently, accepted a job in my old school: Thameside Primary School.  Here I remained for the next two years building upon my teaching practice and developing my management skills as I became Science Lead. 

Following this, I moved schools once again to become part of the Extended Leadership at Deneholm Primary where I spent the next two years before joining the fantastic team at Newtons.
I spend each day surrounded by a wealth of experienced, dedicated and supportive people whose main and only focus is to aid the children at Newtons to thrive in each and every way imaginable and I feel privileged to be part of such a special school.










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