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Welcome to the Year Group area of the Crowlands website. You can find out what our aims are in Maths and Literacy and what each year group is up to during the year using the links below.

To find out more about our Curriculum for each year termly click on the links below.

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Click here to find out the objectives for each year group and what our pupils will be setting out to achieve within each subject across our Creative Curriculum.



At Crowlands Primary School we believe each child should be confident to use Mathematics in a range of everyday situations. Therefore, we encourage children to develop a positive attitude to this subject and improve their attainment by providing a balanced and varied curriculum of Mathematics based on the requirements set out in the National Curriculum 2000 and the Primary Framework for Mathematics.

At our school we conduct a ‘spiral curriculum’ which ensures each area of maths is revisited and extended throughout each term.  Along side this, we try to embed how mathematics relates to every day life so the pupils can apply their mathematics outside the classroom as well as in.

We want all children to become confident mathematicians and feel able to tackle mathematical challenges.  We aim to provide every child with a firm foundation of mathematical skill. Which they can then use in a wide variety of ways. 

Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars

Our school is beginning two exciting online Maths programs designed to support your child in their mathematical learning. 

The first is Times Tables Rock Stars which is a carefully sequenced program for practising and developing quick recall of times tables.  Each child will have a specific times table assigned and be expected to practise at least 3 times a week, though daily practise is recommended to boost fast mental recall. Each practise session should only take approximately 5 minutes.  Both teachers and pupils can track their progress and improvement in scores and timings.  This will replace Maths homework folders for many classes in Years 2-6.  If you have any concerns about accessing the website then please speak to your child’s Class Teacher.

In addition your child will also be provided with a login to Mathletics.  In the ‘Live Mathletics’ section your child can practise a range of mental arithmetic questions (e.g. addition, subtraction, division, etc.) and compete against other classmates, other schools and other pupils around the world.  Pupils will earn points for questions completed and can track their progress on worldwide point tables.  This resource will also be used in lessons and once again class teachers can track progress made by pupils.
Logins for both Times Tables Rock Stars and Mathletics can be found inside your child’s reading record.  If you have any questions please see your child’s Class Teacher.


Maths Chase is a completely free site where you can quickly test your times tables. We aim to make maths learning more fun for everyone. We have found that our simple game really helps children learn their times tables. Our games help children learn by repetition and also increase their speed gradually as they become more skilled. Maths Chase allows you to increase the speed you need to answer questions as you become more confident in a fun and engaging way. Click here to try it.




Accelerated Reading

Crowlands Primary School has implemented the Accelerated Reader Programme for KS2 pupils. This initiative endeavours to boost attainment and progress levels of our children and to allow for more regular and immediate data for teachers to then identify pupils strengths and targets for reading.

Since the Accelerated Reader programme has begun, the pupils of Crowlands are able to support their love of reading through a range of books and quizzes. The old school library has now been converted into a superhero themed room called the 'AR Room' which is fully equipped with laptops and large teaching screen for pupils to take a quiz at any time of the day when they finish reading their book.

The pupils thoroughly enjoy visiting the AR Room which is open in the mornings before school from 8:40am – 8:50am and is open throughout the school day. The AR Room is also open during lesson times to allow for pupils who have read during a Guided Reading session or if a class story has been read to them, they can immediately take a quiz on the book. As the AR Room is open throughout lunch, many of our pupils enjoy visiting the Crowlands Library Bus to read a book then come to the AR Room to take a quiz and with adult support, immediately discuss misconceptions and strengths.​


Phonics Letters and Sounds & Bug Club

The reading scheme used in KS1 is Phonics letters and sounds and the whole school uses Bug Club.

Crowlands Primary School continues to develop it's partnership with the exciting and interactive online reading scheme Bug Club. Since 2013 pupils are able access this online world of ebooks to enjoy and continue their love of reading at home.

Children can now personalise their own home page with a range of worlds to support and engage their learning. The class teacher will allocate a selection of books that are set in accordance with their home reading level. Once your child has logged on at home they can access 'My Stuff'' to select an ebook to read and use 'My Library' to view activities and books that have been completed.

Throughout reading the book the children are given opportunities to answer a series of questions in order to collect coins which can then be used in the 'Rewards' area. In school, the class teacher can track your child's progress through these exciting ebooks and monitor what they are reading.

Click here to view the parents meeting presentation which will provide information and support in accessing the new website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bug Club click here to send an email message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Welcome to our new Science platform for the children at Crowlands.

Science plays such an important role in all our lives. Here at Crowlands we like to encourage, motivate and inspire the children to become critical thinkers about the world around them. This platform helps us to embed Science throughout the curriculum providing a more exciting and challenging curriculum for the children.

The structure of this helps the children to develop long term knowledge about the world around them. The children will use this resource in lesson to help them understand and grasp more complex concepts.

Pupils and parents can then revisit lesson content frequently in the days following each lesson to commit knowledge and skills to long term memory.

The pupil and parent dashboard helps you to engage with what is happening in school and allows you as parents join in your child’s learning experience. As pupils spend time on the system mastering content, rewards are given to encourage engagement.



Each year group revisits the following topics on a yearly basis whilst endeavouring to look at each area in more detail as we progress (Years 1-6).

Being Me in My World:
Children start the year by learning about themselves and their place in the world.   

Celebrating Difference
Children examine what makes us different and also the same, whilst taking the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the diversity around us.

Dreams and Goals
In this topic children look at their own passions and ambitions and what drives themselves and others to achieve.

Healthy Me
Diet, exercise and general wellbeing are the focus and children learn about good lifestyle choices both inside and outside of school.

Family relationships and making friends form the basis of this topic.  Children look at how to maintain friendships and how to resolve conflict when it arises.

Changing Me
Children examine the changes that take place within them both in terms of their appearance and maturity.  We look at what ‘growing up’ is all about and we adapt to a changing world.





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